Otros Negocios

In Alvarez and Marin Corporation we are constantly seeking for new projects to invest and grow as a company. That’s why we have diversified into very specific branches of business such as vehicle blindage,  development of properties and shopping centers. In this section we show the current results of these two initiatives: Blintec and Multicentro .


This is a company dedicated to the automotive, architectural and transportation blindage​​, using the latest technologies, materials, procedures and developments on the market.

The constant training of its employees makes the difference between Blintec and its competitors in the region; this keeps the company at the forefront with specialty armor.

Class, comfort, style and safety are very important concepts for Blintec, so we use ultralight high ballistic resistant fibers that act without altering the design of the vehicle maintaining its originality.

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  • Heredia, San Antonio de Belén, La Asunción, 300 meters North of old Acuamanía.

  •  +506 2239-1199  |  2239-0846  |  Fax +506 2239-1366

Fachada Multicentro

The Corporation is a shareholder in the ownership group of the new modern shopping center developed in the canton of Desamparados: Multicentro Desamparados.

Its first phase opened in November 2008, the second phase was completed in 2011 and currently has a total of 52,000 sqm of construction and 170 locals.

For customer convenience, it has 700 parking spaces, 150 are under ceiling.

Mall Multicentro Desamparados