Canaveral is the perfect place to relax and recover energy. This paradise is located on the Caribbean coast of Panama, with nearly 700 acres of property and 12km of beautiful white sand beaches.

Canaveral will be developed with the deepest awareness to protect their true diversity and ecosystem function. This project focuses on promoting eco and ethno tourism. Fully aware of the fragility faced by the global ecosystem and the solemn purpose of preserving cultural diversity in neighboring communities, Canaveral seeks to create a unique natural and cultural destination. Visitors will enjoy the turquoise Caribbean Sea, beaches with palm trees and white sand, tropical forests, lush jungle and mangroves. This geographical location is different from other beach destinations that has not been altered by human activity, preserving its original flora and fauna. Underwater, extensive coral reef ecosystem supports many species of tropical fish while providing some points of great waves.

While it is in contact with the Ngäbe-Bugle culture. This culture has preserved its original values ​​and way of life, deeply rooted in their past beliefs. However, they are also very open to promote the richness of cultural exchanges with visitors.

Currently this project is paralyzed, because we are in a process of international arbitration against the Republic of Panama.

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