Bananera Continental

Continental Banana farm,  is located in Los Angeles of Río Jiménez, Guácimo, Limón, with a total area of ​​435 hectares.

On February 10, 2010 the project received the permission of environmental viability from the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA), Resolution No. 267-2010-SETENA.

It also has the Global Gap certification standard since 2010 and as well as the Rainforest Alliance certification standard since 2011.

Usually the farm has 300 workers in all field work, plant and administration, it has an infrastructure that includes management houses, apartments for single workers, and diner.

It is also one of the farms with higher productivity per hectare in the country.

The development of this project was led by the General Manager of Grupo Calinda MBA. Ivan Sanchez Araya, Engineer, Romeo Sánchez Román as Production Manager and currently Manager of the farm who is the agronomist Carlos Enrique Vargas Cubero.

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435 hectares

Guácimo, Limón